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Oriental Medicine of North Dallas
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Oriental Medicine of North Dallas
Acupuncture & Therapeutic Massage

Knee Pain
Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Running Injuries
Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome
Shin Splints
Shoulder Pain

​And so much more


  • Does it hurt?

​My needling technique is very gentle, and my clients usually do not feel anything more than sense of a small "mosquito bite", which disappears in moments. Although people experience different levels of sensitivity, I work very closely with you to make sure your experience is comfortable and positive. My approach is always to use the fewest needles possible. 

  • What can acupuncture treat?

​​​Achilles Tendonitis                     
Ankle Pain                                                                           
Carpal Tunnel                                                          
Chronic Pain                                       

Digestive difficulties                                          
Golfer’s/Tennis Elbow                       

Women's Health Issues

  • Do you accept insurance?

​I have chosen to maintain a cash practice.  I can give you a superbill to file with your insurance should you have coverage for acupuncture.

  • How many appts do I need?

​Each person's treatment differs according to their issues to be addressed.  Most feel a difference by the fourth treatment and many report a major change in pain after the first appointment.  If there has been long-standing pain sometimes it takes a series of ten to twelve.

  • Is acupuncture safe?

As long as the practitioner is licensed it is safe.

  • Are the needles sterile?

Yes. They come from a sealed package and are disposed of after each use.

  • How deep do the needles go?

​Most needles are only in the skin no deeper than one quarter inch. Each acupuncturist may differ depending on training. 

  • Are their risks or side affects to acupuncture?

While acupuncture is a highly safe form of physical medicine, there are a few risks. These include bruising, fainting, muscle spasms, bleeding, nerve damage (extremely rare), and punctured organs (extremely rare).

  • What kind of training do acupuncturists have?

Each state differs. Texas requires four years of classes and clinical experience and also requires passing scores on five national exams to be licensed.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, personal checks, and debit/charge cards. Superbill is provided on request.